The Pink Princess Pony Picture...With Monsters

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Harmony Bear voice. Show all 22 episodes. Kinren English version, voice. Pencil Head English version, voice. Origa English version, voice.

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Emmy voice. Tipps Show all 94 episodes.

X23 voice. Show all 39 episodes. Madeline voice. Norma voice. The Nerd voice. AndrAIa voice.

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Show all 8 episodes. Additional Voices voice. Girl at botanical garden uncredited.

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Show all 27 episodes. Short performer: "Perfect Day for Fun" - uncredited. Related Videos. Screenshots iPhone iPad.

Description Princess Pony Matching Memory Game is set in the world of the Princess, her siblings and their fairy protectors. Oct 15, Version 4.

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Size Category Games. Compatibility Requires iOS 4. Languages English. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Princess Pony Puzzle. Ridiculously Cute Critter : Pretty much the vast majority of the cast all across the board. In fact, the show's purpose was to make cartoons out of Hasbro 's cutest toylines. Stock Footage : This show was notoriously guilty of reusing animation footage.

Television Serial : Thanks to the show being quarter hour shorts. Title Theme Tune : The main show had one that encompassed all the properties showcased, and each show had their own specific theme tune that played as well. So this show sported no less than five theme songs over the course of just one 65 episode season. While My Little Pony is the most infamous for this, all the shows were full of horrible monsters right next to the cuddly protagonists.

The writers were absolutely in love with this scenario. They used and abused it in as many as episodes all across the board as they could get away with.


The only aversion to this the show ever had was in the Potato Head Kids segment, which was more based in Slice of Life than in fantasy-adventure. My Little Pony. Draggle's hair is this with some late '70s in her hair as well. To a lesser extent, Megan's little sister Molly also has '80s hair. Nightshade is a pony with an afro. Adaptational Attractiveness : Often played straight in that the cartoon looked better than the source toys.

Averted when compared to the original pilot, which had much sharper animation and the series simplified it and often went Off-Model. Adult Fear : The parents of Erebus's victims are naturally scared and fearful for their children. Ancient Evil : Squirk is so ancient that Dream Valley was part of the ocean when he ruled over it.

Unlike most examples, he wasn't Sealed Evil in a Can but instead waiting for time to catch up with his archenemy and make him easy prey for him. Grogar was imprisoned in the Realm of Darkness years ago. Anthropomorphic Shift : It's more subtle than in Tales , but compared to the pilot the ponies act less like actual ponies. They sleep in beds, sometimes walk on two legs, don't move as much like horses, don't have animal behaviors like licking each other, etc Anti-Villain : Pluma doesn't want to hurt anyone, but Squirk captured her grandfather and is holding him hostage in exchange for the half of the Flashstone he can't reach on dry land.

Knight Shade doesn't want to be a villain: he made a Deal with the Devil with Erebus and is now being forced to carry out his end of the bargain, whether he wants to or not. So I just don't do it anymore